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Order and delivery terms

1. General information
ML International Oy Ab

Osmussaarenkaari 10A4 
FIN – 02480 Kirkkonummi 

Phone number: +358 (0) 40 142 0004
Email address: [email protected]

Social security number: 3195225-8
VAT number FI31952258

2. Payment in the online store
Online store payments are made via email invoice. After the order, the customer receives an invoice on average 1-3 business days later to the e-mail they indicated, with a 14-day payment period.

3. Delivery
Basically, we deliver products only to Finland. The delivery method and estimated delivery time are shown in the order phase before payment.
We reserve the right to change the shipping method or divide the order into several delivery batches if, due to the product's size or other characteristics, it cannot be delivered using the shipping option chosen by the customer. We will notify the customer of a possible change separately by email. In addition to our own warehouse, we use direct deliveries for order deliveries.

If the product purchased in the online store could not be delivered to the customer due to delivery difficulties or its delivery is unreasonably delayed, ML International Oy Ab will refund the purchase amount and the transaction will be terminated.

If you want to order products outside of Europe, contact us by email: [email protected]

4. Special conditions for business customers
- No right of cancellation.
– 12-month warranty.
- The business customer pays the transport costs of the advertised products themselves.
- Business orders are delivered to the customer's address.
- We charge delivery costs regardless of the size of the order.

Please note that online shopping always includes VAT.

5. Right of cancellation and returns
When you order products from us as a consumer, you have a 14-day right of cancellation. The right of cancellation expires 14 days after receiving the product. If the order includes several deliveries, the deadline starts on the day you receive the last product. after which you have 14 days to cancel your purchase. Cancellation is made by email to [email protected].

Please note that these products/contracts cannot be cancelled:
Products that are custom-made or modified according to personal requirements.
Products that are declared as order products in the online store.
Products whose protective box/bag/package has been opened.

6. Restitution
Once you have made the cancellation notice, you have 14 days to return the product to us. If you have purchased several products from us, you can also cancel part of your order and return one or more products, even if they were ordered in the same order. However, this does not apply to composite products that contain several products. Composite products are treated as a single product. If you want to return an individual product from a combined product, you must return all products belonging to the combined product.
If you want to make a product complaint, first send a picture and an explanation to ML International Oy Ab.
Pack the product(s) carefully and mark the address information clearly on the package so that the product is not damaged or lost during transport. Use the same boxes and packing materials as when the package arrived. Take a photo of the package with your cell phone before sending it. Make sure that the picture shows the whole package and the address label.
Please note that the customer pays for the product return, unless it is a product complaint or warranty return approved by ML International Oy Ab.
If you have any questions about returns, please contact us.

The condition for the right of return is that the product is undamaged and has not been used for a purpose other than what is necessary to try the product, its features and operation.

The returned product, product packaging and all accessories and instructions that came with it must be in good condition. The value of the product is reduced and the refund is reduced if the product, package, included accessories or prints show obvious signs of use or something is missing from the package.

7. Repayment of the purchase amount
If you want to cancel your purchase, you will get your money back. If the value of the product has decreased, we will deduct it from the amount to be refunded. We will return the money no later than 14 days from the day we have received the product(s) to be returned. We will return the payment to the same payment method as the original order was paid for, if that is possible.

8. Warranty and complaints
A complaint about an error or deficiency must be made within one month of receiving the product. The guarantee covers the best of the food's appropriate quality before until the day.

We will process the complaint within five working days, after which we will contact you. If the complaint is justified, we will send you a package return label by e-mail to print, after which you can return the product according to section 6. Return.

If the complaint is unwarranted and the product is returned to us as a complaint more than 14 days after you have received it, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the shipping costs and any possible decrease in value due to, for example, wear or broken original packaging.
Please note that the products that are returned to ML International Oy Ab must be packed in the original packaging. The product must be sent complete. So pack all the accessories that came with the product, written products and the like that are related to the advertised product.
Also remember that damage is not covered by the warranty if the product is damaged by user error (use and handling errors), changes, product installation error or gross abuse.

We only accept packages related to complaints that have been sent using the return address label sent to the customer by ML International Oy Ab.

9. Data protection
You can read about our data protection in our separate data protection statement.

10. Dispute resolution
We primarily try to resolve all disputes with the customer by e-mail or telephone. In case of disagreement, please contact [email protected]. If we are unable to find a solution, you can contact Finnish consumer advice or the EU consumer center, where you can get advice on questions related to trade and EU legislation. In international trade, the legislation of the country where the product was purchased applies.itali