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For the love of Italy! Our selection includes Salvatore Zacheon's high-quality extra virgin olive oils, which are the best in taste, environmentally friendly and have a very low acid content (0.4% -05 %).

According to research, olive oil is the basis of healthy eating habits in the Mediterranean diet. The fatty acid composition of extra virgin olive oil is ideal and it contains, among other things, polyphenols and vitamin E, which act as antioxidants in the body.

In addition, our selection includes the Ursini brand EVVIVA La Rivoluzione Extra virgin olive oil and spiced Piccante olive oil for delicious dining moments.

Our pasta selection includes wonderful Maidea brand gluten-free, artisan-quality pastas that are bronzed and slowly dried at low temperatures. In addition, delicious authentic Italian fusillons, gomitoni, linguine from Fragranze Mediterranea. A warm welcome to shopping <3

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Suvi Perttula,
Store manager
Passionate about wines retailer

If you are interested in our delicious Italian quality wines, you can contact our distributor and partner Potio directly.

+358 400 670 487
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The main ingredient in Italian cooking is always olive oil - it gives the Mediterranean flavor! I have chosen Zacheon Italian olive oil from Apulia because it always keeps its promise for cooking, marinating, preserving, salads, bruschetto, focaccia and pizzas.

It is so simple - keep it simple

Restaurant Åminnegård
Chef, Kenneth Löfberg

I recommend Salvatore Zacheon olive oil for the following reasons: First, it is environmentally friendly. Second, its production process consists of only three steps: olive collection, production and finished product. Third, the oil has a very low acid content, only 0.4% and 0.5%. Finally, it is versatile and perfect for all kinds of cooking, baking, pickling, preserving, and as an addition to boiled or grilled vegetables and salads.

Lasse Forsstedt
Production and owner
Kitchenware specialty store in the heart of the center of Helsinki
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An excellent selection of Italian delicacies. Salvatore Zacchio's wines can be found in our standard selection. We always get good service!

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The customer said that he has never tasted such good olive oil in his life - he has a long culinary experience with high-quality food.

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Restaurant in TuRUS

Excellent quality of chili olive oil extra Virgin goes perfectly together with our premium quality of DENNIS original pizza